UPSKY Dog Water Bottle:

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In the summer, your dog would need water anywhere. After an adventurous and fun day of playing in the park, they can't do without water, and it is always best to take bottled water along with them. But your fur babies can't drink from any other water bottle you give them. They need a water bottle that they can easily drink from.

You can get the UPSKY dog water bottle to keep your pet's thirst quenched for the entirety of the time you are outside. It is a portable water bottle with a unique and slim design. You can use the single hand press operator button to fill the water and then stop it. Any time your pet is thirsty, just press the button and get the water running and then stop it once you are done.

The bottle is very easy and simple to assemble and disassemble. To make cleaning a breeze, just disassemble it and clean it thoroughly. This water bottle is for capacity of up to 15 oz., so it has ample space for when you take your dog on a walk, hike, camp or wherever you go. Your dog won't have to find puddles and pipes for water but will be able to drink it any time!

The water dispenser has a one-key lock design and a rubber ring to seal it, so it does not leak.


· Durable.

· Easy assembly.

· Easy cleaning.

· Lightweight.


· Drips slightly sometimes.

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