Spotty Pooper Scooper:

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If you're a dog owner, you are definitely going to need a scooper for the feces! There are always going to be moments of messes where you will need a good scooper and poop tray.

All pet owners will appreciate the Spotty Metal Tray & Rake Set. The package comes with just about everything you'll need to maintain your yard clean of dog feces. The Spotty scooper rake is quite durable, with robust and firm grips. You'll never have to waste hours tidying up after your pets anymore.

This pooper scooper set is unbeatable for the cost and is the embodiment of value for money. This spotty pooper set is ideal for messes of all sizes, especially small and medium-sized dumps. Because of its handlebar, there is no need to stoop down and tire your back to pick up the waste. You can pick it just by using the long handle.

In addition, the rake aids in the removal of excrement remnants. Even when cleaning up many mounds of excrement, its featherweight construction provides for full control, effortless regulation, and convenience. You won't need to bother with difficult assembly, and it's an all-in-all, very convenient buy.


· Easy to use.

· Lightweight.

· Long handle.

· Durable.

· Affordable.


· Not for large messes.

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