Orgrimmar 4 PCS 3-Sided Pet Toothbrush:

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When humans don't brush their teeth for a few days, all kinds of problems are formed. So it's only natural that your pet's teeth would need cleaning too. Not cleaning your pet's teeth could lead to a variety of tooth problems like ulcers, bad breath, and more serious issues.

Having a good pet toothbrush like the Orgrimmar pet toothbrush is a fantastic idea. This three-sided toothbrush will make sure that your pet's teeth are clean and clear from all angles and directions, so no dirt and impurities are left.

This dog toothbrush is made up of rubber, so you can hold it tightly, and it does not slip off your hand. Holding this toothbrush is easy and comfortable, so you will have a very good grip. The bristles are soft and will not be harsh and painful to your dog's teeth.

With this three-sided toothbrush, you can give your dog or cat's teeth a very good and brisk cleaning. Storing it is also easy as you can hang this fantastic toothbrush anywhere. It comes in a pack of 3, so if one gets bent bristles, you can switch to another.

It also includes a tongue cleaner to remove grime and leftover food from your pet's tongue. This accessory is a must-have for all pet owners. You should never underestimate the impact that a good toothbrush might have on your pet's oral hygiene!


· Non-slip.

· Ergonomic design.

· Easy to use.

· Three-sided.

· Easy hanging.


· Dogs may chew the weak bristles.

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