Furbo Dog Camera:

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Leaving your dog home all by itself can be very heartbreaking when they're looking at you with those literal puppy eyes. And leaving your dog all by itself can give them major issues as well, such as separation anxiety. Luckily, with the Furbo Dog camera, your dog will remain in constant contact with you wherever you are!

This camera gives you 2-way barking and audio alerts for when it detects a barking sensation. Any time your dog barks, the camera detects it and sends a notification to your phone. Then you can open the app, turn on your speaker and talk to your dog, so it remains calm.

Our favorite part about the Furbo dog camera is that you can toss treats to the dogs using the application too! If they're too upset or you miss them too much and would like to give them a little treat, just play a game of catch with your dog and toss them their favorite treats!

Setting up this dog camera is super easy. Just plug it into power using the USB cord and download the Furbo app. Connect the application to the house Wi-Fi, and you are all set! Apart from barking, the camera also detects movements like jumping and chewing. You can tell when your dog is displaying symptoms of separation anxiety.

You can even use the camera to take pictures of your dog and even watch highlights of their day and save them to your phone!


· Dog activity alert.

· Person alert.

· Highlights available.

· Treats and games.

· Two-way communication.


· Faults in-app.

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